Balloons & Entertainments

party balloonsOne of the essential party decoration must have will be PARTY BALLOONS! Having balloons tied to every corner of the party venue simply liven up the mood and spirit of the event!

You can choose to customise balloons with your own words or designs but there will be a minimum quantity for orders to be economical. We are also able to provide you with helium tanks to pump up your balloons. You can either choose to do that yourself or to pay a small fee for our guys to pump up the balloons for you.

balloonsAdditionally, if you want something more, we can also arrange to have balloon sculptors at your event to make disney characters or props or animals for your party guests. These balloon sculptors can make all shapes and sizes of balloon figurines to suit your party themes. If you are not satisfied with that and want more, jugglers, magicians, singers, dancers and clown mascots can also be included into your party. Your party guests will be overwhelmed with the amount of entertainment from this one event of yours.