Campfire Programs

Campfire at Punggol Ranch

When is the last time you sat around a fire and BBQ-ed your own mash-mellows? Campfire programs has slowly become a program of the past, having lesser and lesser venues where you can conduct this. Not wanting to lose this good bonding activity for adults and children alike, WOW Creatives had taken the initiatives to avail a venue in Punggol Ranch to reminisce this old time activity back again. Bring you closer to nature through the campfire experience, we connect the participants together through a series of campfire songs and games.

We will plan your event, coordinate the logistics, facilitating the games and heighten your bonding experience through interactive games and BBQ-ing your own mash-mellows which is often the highlight for kids at any campfire program. Our event seeks to give you warmth from your heart. This program is ideal not only for corporate colleagues and also extended family groups or even neighbours getting together.  

We offer a wide variety of programs during the campfire and the usual duration of the program is about 1 to 2hrs, starting from about 6.30pm or 7pm onwards. We have fixed program templates but if you do have any special requirements, do contact us and let us know how you want to organise your very own campfires. This has been a pretty popular birthday party program for children and youths as well. Try it out TODAY!