Interactive Game Kiosks

Games by the beachSpice up your event and make it more fun and memorable by adding in a few interactive game kiosks! No parties or events will be complete without some fun and games and we are here to provide you the solution.

WOW Creatives is a sub-branch of The WOW Experience Pte Ltd who specialises in operating unique outdoor recreational activities in Singapore. Given the strong support in recreational activities, we are the best person to offer a different and unique game activity for your event / party add-ons.

The interactive game kiosks or stations can be categorized into 3 different types, namely; kampong styled games, inflatables and WOW Creatives games. You can also have the option to state some games you have in mind and we will materialise it for you. If not, you can always choose to pick from our list of games to add to your party event or family carnivals.

Some of our games will include:
Kampong Games (modified to suit playing in big groups)

  • Chapteh Kicking / Passingchap teh
  • Marbles Throwing
  • Zero-point
  • Five Stones
  • Hop-scotch
  • Canned Drinks Shooting
  • Rolling Moth Balls
  • Horse Shoe Throws
  • And many more…


  • Bouncy castleinflatable party
  • Rodeo Bull
  • Penalty Shoot Out
  • Sumo Gladiator
  • Twister
  • ZOVB Rolls
  • And many more…¬†

WOW Creatives Games

  • kids birthday activityCombat Skirmish Battle (laser tag)
  • Cowboy 1 steps showdown
  • Bloop Soccer
  • Hamster Walks using Land ZOVB Balls
  • Walking on Water using Water ZOVB Balls
  • Laser Clay Shooting
  • Mobile Laser Maze
  • Soccergolf Challenge
  • Earth Ball
  • Modified Ball Games (captain’s ball, soccer, volleyball etc)
  • And many more…

Bloop Soccer Party Event