Product Launches

An  impressive Product Launch event is essential and crucial to a new product entering the market. Being able to harness all your potential stake-holders and customers and to leave them with a lasting impression of your product is one of the most important 1st step in any new product. Partnering the right organiser to do your product launch event will greatly enhance this experience. Understanding all these contributing factors to a successful event, WOW Creatives is positioned at the right angle to help any company organize this event to launch their new product into the market.

Launch Event with LexusBeing creative is one of the key factors to distinguish the new product from the rest and this applies to the launch event as well. The picture on the right shows dancers that we put into the Water ZOVB Ball for a new Lexus Hybrid Car launch event. Attendees were impressed by the innovative concept, paired with the lightings coming from the background. This was the 1st set of performance that night to greet and open the event which created a WOW and memorable start for the event.

Another creative idea is to use our in-house Mobile Laser Maze as an activity to create the hype and happening of a new product. Engage the public to have a Combat Laser Battle in our Laser Maze and tie in together with the theme for your launch. This will surely leave an impression to your guests!

Understanding the every need of a successful event, we aim to create lasting impressions for the guests of the event. WOW Creatives handles every details, from site selection, production services to entertainment. Leave the hard work to us while you engage your guests without the need to worry about the sequence of the event.