Team Building Events

Team Building ProgramLooking for a brand new way to break the ice in the office? WOW Creative offers a long extensive list of team building events, focusing on breaking tensions, forming bonds and creating friendships. Our team building programs are carefully crafted to suit organization, regardless if it’s MNCs or SMEs, and participants will be able to interact with their fellow colleagues in a whole different way.

The team building programs will involve participants to solve puzzles, crack mysteries, hone their navigation skills and even to push their limits as the step out of their comfort zone to achieve objectives as a team. These scenarios can be altered to address current or possible issues faced by the organization or simply just a day out to have fun! The team of WOW Creatives aim to establish mutual understanding, enhance bonding and create friendships between each other in the company. 

We have long list of outdoor and indoor team building programs to suit your appetite. Some of our programs include:

  • ZOVB Team BuildingAmazing Racethe infamous “treasure hunt” team building program which has been one of the most popular activity for corporate companies. Very similar to the TV series Amazing Race. 
  • Running Manriding along the Korean game show “Running Man”, companies will be daring themselves at different challenges while achieving other objectives tasked to them
  • Criminal Scene Investigationyet another popular drama series, CSI. We bring the crime scene into the seminar room and leak out a couple of clues for the teams to solve. This will identify and promote problem solving and analysis skills within each other.
  • DISC Profiling this is a character profiling program to help participants understand themselves better.
  • MBTI Analysis this is an analysis based on behavioural difference of individuals using the MBTI method 
  • Dragon Boating fancy getting your whole team onto the dragon boats and see well co-ordinated and cohesive you are while doing a race with your fellow colleagues? Our trained dragon boat professionals will be there to guide and teach you the methods of rowing the boat correctly to be ready for your mini race.
  • Kelong Kayaking a very unique program where you will start off to do kayaking from a beach and to stop by a kelong (local fish farm) to see and experience how fishes are reared and kept in a kelong. You can even organise a fresh seafood BBQ in the kelong while you enjoy the peace and quiet away from the fast pace city.
  • Corporate Team Building EventCombat Skirmish (Laser Tag)think paintball but using laser. This program uses “safe laser”, commonly known as infrared, to shoot at your opponent. You will be going through different missions, working together in your teams to outwit your opponent. No paint, no pain and no bruises but all pure fun for everyone.
  • Laser Clay Shootingthis is a low intensity sport which originates from the Olympics Sport – Trap / Skeet Shooting. The only difference is that this system uses a more clean and green method to play the game. You will be challenging yourself to take aims at the flying clays and putting your hand-eye coordination at its best!
  • Bloop Soccerlatest craze in the market where you play traditional soccer game in a futsal court but protected and surrounded by the BLOOP ball. It is often said that you will be more tired from the laughing than the soccer game itself. You have to try it to know how fun this can be. 
  • Wipe-outThis program involves a series of small games set out to challenge the teams in various aspect. As each team wins a game, they get to choose and recruit any player from the floor to join their team. At the end of the program, the team with the least number of players will be forfeited.
  • Beach Olympicsa set of modified sports activities played at the beach so that everyone gets a day out of office to sweat it out and test their teamwork as they play against simple and safe beach games against their opponents.
  • And many more…

When it comes to conducting team-building events, we have got it all. Drop us an enquiry to organise your next team building session!